Potential Stalker

And it wasn’t because of his music

Photo by Gabriel Gurrola on Unsplash

Ever have a crazy infatuation with an entertainer? Guilty.

In 1979, I was a newlywed, and my infatuation bordered on stalker proportions. Of course, I would never do that, but I may have considered it once or twice.

My crazy infatuation was with the singer, songwriter Harry Chapin.

Sadly, he’s…

Dear Writer

And your neatly organized bookcase won’t save you.

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Dear Hopeful Younger Self,

Do you remember all those books you accumulated as a loyal subscriber to the Writer’s Digest Book Club?

There were some darn good books in that collection. Especially the ones you were so anxious to get you immediately mailed a check so shipping would be free…

Coastal Maine

Not all trolls are scary, some are just darn cute

Roskva, the strongest of the trolls protecting our family. Author’s collection.

The phrase Giant Trolls does not show up in my conversation very often — that is until a recent visit to Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. Now I can’t stop talking about them!

The Giant Trolls are part of an exhibit titled Guardians of the Seeds by Danish artist and recycle…

Kris Downey

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